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Historic railings refurbished in Castle Bridges

Posted in Press Release
Image of Cllr John Lynch MBE admiring the repainted railings

Some of Hertford’s historic railings have been given a new lease of life by being refurbished and re-painted with help from funding from Hertford Town Council and East Herts Council.

The refurbishment was mainly funded by Town Council, assisted by a Historic buildings grant of £924 received from East Herts Council.

The Chairman of Community Services Committee, Cllr John Lynch MBE said: “The repainted railings look magnificent. I’m absolutely delighted that we have been able to restore them and ensure they continue to look good for future generations. Many thanks to East Herts Council for approving our application for a Historic Buildings Grant – this has really helped us facilitate this project for the benefit of the town.

The Railings border the path between St Andrew Street and Castle Street, a route used by many and as access to the Castle Grounds play area.

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