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10 Top Tips for reducing your carbon footprint 

  1. Improve the energy efficiency of your home – visit Improve Energy to get a list of recommendations. Click here for information on grants available
  2. Switch to a renewable energy provider for your home
  3. Switch to low-carbon travel wherever possible.  Find out more about cycling routes and clubs in Hertford 
  4. Reduce, reuse, recycle! There are a number of charity shops in Hertford with a huge choice of quality second-hand items visit ‘Go hertford’ for details
    For information on what you can recycle and where see, East Herts
  5. Reduce your meat and dairy consumption. For ideas see Meat Free Mondays
  6. Buy Local! Visit Go hertford for details on the variety of shops and businesses in the town
  7. Ways to reduce your food waste. Swap homemade or homegrown items at a free food swap 1st Saturday of every month upstairs at Mudlarks Cafe. For more ideas visit Love Food Hate Waste
  8. You can support local and sustainable businesses when purchasing new items. For example, Coffee shops in Hertford that will fill up your reusable cup include Mudlarks
  9. Volunteer to improve your local environment. Click here
  10. Calculate your personal carbon footprint

Other places to reduce waste and recycle in Hertford

  • Download the refill app to find out where you can refill water bottles and reuse coffee cups at Refill
  • Disposable contact lens case recycling – Boots opticians, Maidenhead Street, Hertford
  • Battery recycling and soft plastics recycling – Tesco, Ware Road, Hertford
  • Water filter recycling – Sainsbury's, Hartham Lane Hertford
  • Dental product recycling at Natural Health, Bull Plain

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