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What is The Constitution?

The purpose of The Constitution is to set out how Hertford Town Council works and how it makes decisions. 

The Constitution is a living document, kept under continual review. The documents which form the constitution are re-examined annually by the Finance, Policy & Administration Committee. 

Standing orders provide procedures and controls for the management of council business. 

Introduction Documents

1.1 Introduction to the Constitution
1.2 Residents and the Council
1.3 The Council's Powers and Functions
1.4 The Town Clerk and other managers
1.5 The Council's Assets

Governing Documents - The Core Papers

2.1 Standing Orders

2.1a Scheme of Delegation

2.2 Annual Town Meeting
2.3 Financial Regulations
2.3A Treasury Management

2.3B Cardholder Data Security Policy

2.4 Objectives 2019-2023
2.5 Budget Summary 20-21
2.6 Communications Protocol
2.7 Leader of the Council Protocol 

Governing Documents - The Public

3.1 Publication Scheme
3.2 Complaints Procedure

Governing Documents - Councillors

4.1 Councillors' Code of Conduct 
4.2 Councillors' Guide to Integrity in Planning Matters
4.3 Protocol - Gifts and Hospitality
4.4 Protocol - Mayor and Deputy Mayor
4.5 Outside - Appointments

Governing Documents - Councillors and Officers

5.1 Protocol - Councillor and Officer Relations

Key Policies

6.1 Grants Policy
6.2 Whistleblowing Policy
6.3 Child Protection Policy
6.4 Business Continuity Policy
6.5 Major Incident Plan
6.6 Risk Management Policy
6.7 Data Protection Policy 
6.8 Flag Flying Policy
6.9 Use of Logo Policy
6.10 Anti Corruption Policy
6.11 Awards and Gifts Policy
6.12 Social Media Policy
6.13 Protocol Death of a Senior Royal
6.14 Generating Income Through Sponsorship

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