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Posted in Press Release
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Hertford Town Council’s Finance, Policy and Administration Committee met on Monday 18th October 2021 where grants of just over £32 000 were awarded to four Hertford-based organisations and good causes.

Bengeo Cricket Club were awarded a New Homes Bonus Grant of £30 000 to assist with the cost of installation of new practice facilities (cricket nets). The improvement of the facilities will replace inadequate and outdated equipment outdated equipment helping to retain and develop youth players.

Community grants were awarded to:

St Andrews Church who were awarded £1,200 towards the first stage of inspection and repair works for the renovation of the clock.

Secret Society of Hertford Crafters (SSoHC) were awarded £350 towards materials to produce Christmas yarn bombs.

Hertford and our Changing Climate who were awarded £869.94 towards the costs of the Hertford & Changing Climate event.

The Chairman of the Finance, Policy and Administration Committee, Cllr Bob Cinnamon, said:

“The Town Council are extremely pleased to be in a position to award grants to such a range of good causes in the Hertford area. So much good and valuable work in the community is done by volunteers who give their time freely to help others and it’s great that we can recognise this and provide some level of financial assistance. We hope this latest round of grants will make a difference.”

Community grants of up to £1 200 are available for organisations, charities and businesses for projects which show a clear benefit to Hertford residents.

If you are working to support residents within the area covered by Hertford Town Council (which includes Hertingfordbury), please contact the Town Council to discuss your idea and ensure it meets our criteria.

Applications are considered quarterly at the meetings of the Finance, Policy and Administration Committee. Deadlines for receipt of applications is the 1st December 2021 and 16 February 2022.

If you would wish to apply on behalf of a Hertford based project or business, please complete the application form, available to download at https://www.hertford.gov.uk/services/grants/

Available Grants from Hertford Town Council

Community Grants

Grants of up to £1,200 are awarded under this scheme for a range of purposes; including public events, projects being undertaken by local voluntary organisations and endeavours by individuals which show a clear benefit to Hertford residents.

New Homes Bonus Grants

Grants of up to £30,000 are available from the New Homes Bonus fund for ambitious projects to enhance and improve communities in Hertford. Available funding will be used to support and encourage a diverse range of improvement schemes and projects across all age ranges, a wide range of interests and wherever possible innovative initiatives to meet the needs of Hertford residents and businesses.

To view case studies on organisations and charities that have already benefited from funding visit


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