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Answers to the Mayor of Hertford's Valentines Quiz


Hope you had a good Valentines Day. Please find the answer to the Quiz below:


1. What date is Valentine’ Day? 14 February
2. Who is Valentine’s Day named after? Saint Valentine
3. Which cherubic Roman God is associated with love and what does he carry? Cupid and a bow and arrow.
4. What traditional gift is given in Padua, Italy on Valentine’s Day? A key
5. In which city was the Valentine’s Day Massacre?chicago
6. Which famous British actor who starred in Star Trek and Mission Impossible movies was born on Valentines Day 1970? Simon Pegg
7. Which pagan festival is thought to have been the forerunner for Valentine’s Day? Lupercalia.
8. Who was the Roman goddess of love and what flower is associated with her? Venus and rose.
9.Which King made Valentine’s Day a holiday by Royal Charter? Henry VIII.
10. Which famous chocolatier made the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolates in 1868? Richard Cadbury
11. Which fictional character gets thousands of valentine’s letters sent to Verona each year? Juliet from Romeo and Juliet
12. In Finland Valentine’s Day celebrates what else alongside love? Friends
13. What utensil is given in Wales as a token of love? A spoon
14. Which ‘strange’ actor who played a famous sleuth and got married on Valentine’s Day on the Isle of Wight? Benedict Cumberbatch
15. Which US state trailed others and was admitted to the union in 1859 on Valentine’s Day? Oregon
16. Which couple won Olympic Gold on Valentine’s Day 1984 with Bolero? Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean
17. What bloodthirsty movie was released on Valentine’s Day in 1931 and led to reports of viewers fainting with shock? Dracula
18. Which UK company makes ‘lovehearts’? Swizzels
19. If you were born on Valentine’s Day what star sign and symbol would you be? Aquarius and water-bearer?
20. What social media platform was launched on Valentine’s Day 2006? YouTube.

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