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Events: Crime and Punishment Walk Hertford Town Centre, 06/05/2019

As the county town assizes were held in Hertford and the town was home to the county gaol for centuries. On this walk through the dark history of Hertford hear about murder most foul, the last witch and the only judge to stand trial for murder. We will also meet highwaymen, and the first woman from Hertfordshire to be transported to Australia. And we will discover where the gaols, pillory and the stocks were located.

Tickets £6 each

Available at Hertford Town and Tourist Information Centre, 10-12 The Wash, opposite Hertford Theatre.

Open Mon-Sat 9.30-5pm

01992 584322


Event Overview

Date:06/05/2019 Start Time:11:00 End Time:00:00 Location:Hertford Town Centre