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Community Grants

The Council is pleased to announce that a Community Grant fund of over £15000 has been set aside for the financial year 2019/20. If you are a local organisation or charity seeking a small amount of funding towards a specific project or necessary purchase/repair, the Council would welcome your application.

In 2018/19 Hertford Town Council awarded grants Community Grant Fund totalling over £10,000 to help local people and organisations and in the last twelve months.

Applications are considered quarterly at the meetings of Council's Finance, Policy and Administration Committee.

  • To be considered for an award on 6th January 2020 please ensure your application form is with us by 9th December 2019
  • To be considered for an award on 9th March 2020 please ensure your application form is with us by 10th February 2020.

Anyone wishing to apply for a Community Grant should contact the Finance Manager on 01992 552885.



Guidelines & Criteria

  • Grants will normally be given only to individuals and organisations resident in or serving the area within the civil parish boundary of Hertford (which includes parts of Hertingfordbury Village)
  • Grants should represent assistance to projects of local use and need to show a clear benefit to Hertford residents. 
  • Normally, grant applications from organisations will only be considered when accompanied by at least one of the following:
  • 1. Audited accounts; or
    2. Accounts that have been subjected to independent inspection as required by the Charities Act or, where the organisation is newly formed, a case for funding including supporting evidence of fund raising efforts.
  • Grant applications from individuals will be considered providing grants have:
  • 1. Charitable or educational purposes linked to recognised bodies acceptable to the Council.
    2. Are seen to be of local benefit, for example through information dissemination or are likely to encourage inspiration and motivation to the applicant's peer group. 
  • Only one grant award per year will be made to each applicant.
  • The Finance, policy and Administration committee will consider all grant applications. 
  • The Council will not normally award grants for day-to-day running/operating costs. 
  • The Council will not normally provide grants for services that should be funded by other statutory authorities and will not award grants for political purposes.
  • The Council cannot guarantee a grant to any organisation or individual. Each grant
    application is considered on its individual merits.
  • The Council will not supplement any shortfall in expenditure incurred by another authority with responsibility for the service involved. 
  • The Council will normally expect to distribute grants to a variety of organisations, this may mean smaller amount is awarded than that applied for.
  • Applications for grants over £200 should be made on official Town Council application forms. Smaller grants may be applied for via letter which includes sufficient supporting material.
  • The Council will require all organisations to provide a formal acknowledgement of receiving grant aid. In the case of individuals, the Council will require a report of the project or other agreed method of verifying the use for which application of grant was made.
  • When a grant is awarded, the Council also reserves the right to reclaim part or the entire grant provided it is satisfied that this action is appropriate. It will only take this action after giving the organisation or individual any opportunity to make representations.
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