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The referendum on the Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan was held on the 6th May 2021. 49.1% of the electorate of Hertford Bengeo Ward participated in the referendum and the Plan received a 94.8% `YES’ vote. 

The Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by East Herts District Council and, when planning decisions are made on land or buildings within Hertford Bengeo Ward, the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan will carry equal weight to those in the District Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here - Bengeo-Neighbourhood-Area-Plan Web-compressed (lovebengeo.org.uk) 

With the support of the Hertford Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Party, a planning consultant, and officers of Hertford Town Council and East Herts District Council, residents wrote and produced the Plan. It was sponsored by Hertford Town Council, Molewood Residents’ Association and Watermill Estate Residents’ Association.  

The Neighbourhood Plan website www.lovebengeo.org.uk has comprehensive information on the Plan, including the consultation stages it went through to reach the referendum. Further information on the Neighbourhood Plan is on the East Herts District Council website. Hertford - Bengeo Ward | East Herts District Council.