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The referendum on the Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan will take place on Thursday, 6th May 2021. Residents of Hertford Bengeo Ward, who are on the Electoral Register, can cast their vote on whether they want East Herts District Council to adopt the Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan.  If adopted the Plan would be used to help decide planning applications in the Plan Area over the 12 years up to 2033.  A map of the Plan Area is on page 7 of the Neighbourhood Plan. Bengeo-Neighbourhood-Area-Plan Web-compressed (lovebengeo.org.uk)

With the support of a planning consultant, and the Hertford Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Party, plus invaluable consultation input from residents and statutory consultees, the Community Steering Group produced and wrote the Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan has 18 planning policies on green spaces, important views, nature conservation, air quality, community, heritage and cultural assets, sustainable travel, and residential and commercial development. It also has an Action Plan which sets out examples of community projects and initiatives the Neighbourhood Plan would lend its support to. 

Draft versions of the Neighbourhood Plan were published in June 2019 and February 2020. A Consultation Statement BNAP-Consultation-Statement-25-Feb-20-.pdf (lovebengeo.org.uk), a Basic Conditions Statement Microsoft Word - V6 Draft Bengeo NP Basic Conditions .docx (lovebengeo.org.uk), and a Strategic Environment Assessment Screening Report Microsoft Word - BENGEO NP SEA Screening Report.docx (lovebengeo.org.uk) were also published. 

Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan included: community surveys, policy exhibitions, drop-in events, leaflet distributions, and regular promotion on the Neighbourhood Plan website and Facebook and Twitter pages. Hard copies of the Plan were available at key locations in the Plan Area. East Herts District Council consulted on the Neighbourhood Plan from July to September 2020 and the Plan was independently examined between October and December 2020. The policies in the Neighbourhood Plan were amended in line with the Examiner’s recommendations and the revised Plan was submitted to and approved for referendum by the Executive Member for Planning and Growth at East Herts District Council. http://democracy.eastherts.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=1422&J=2

The Community Steering Group are promoting the referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan to residents of Hertford Bengeo Ward. A majority vote at referendum is required for the Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted. If it is adopted, the planning policies in the Plan will be given equal weight to the policies in the East Herts District Plan in deciding the outcome of planning applications in the Plan Area. 

The Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan was produced with the sponsorship of Hertford Town Council, Molewood Residents’ Association and Watermill Estate Residents’ Association. The Neighbourhood Plan website www.lovebengeo.org.uk has comprehensive information on the Neighbourhood Plan and on Neighbourhood Plan responses to planning applications.