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Allotments Managed by Hertford Town Council            

The Town Council has 6 allotment sites in Hertford which are located at Bengeo, Cromwell Road, the Folly, Hertingfordbury, Sele Road and North Road.

Water is provided on all sites and there is a rolling programme of site visits by Council staff throughout the year.

Allotment gardening helps to promote a healthy lifestyle, providing an affordable source of fruit and vegetables, plenty of fresh air, healthy exercise and a good way to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It can be a social activity as well, bringing together people from all age groups and various social backgrounds around a common interest.

Our Hertingfordbury, Cromwell Road and Sele Road allotment sites currently have available plots at a cost of £5.10 per pole per year. Plots are usually 10, 5 or 2.5 poles in size and a 5 poles plot is considered large enough to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to feed a growing family.

If you are interested in a healthy and productive hobby, please contact the Allotments Officer by emailing suzie@hertford.gov.uk

For further information on looking after an allotment please click on the relevant link below.

Allotment Rules and Regulations

Mudlarks at Cromwell Road

Mudlarks is Hertford’s community gardening charity. Our aim is to integrate people with learning difficulties and mental health issues into the community through gardening whilst also promoting conservation and allowing people of all abilities to learn and work together. Find our more here

Lovely Grub Garden

Situated on Sele Road, this is an exciting community garden project. Find out more here 

North Road

Please find below a link to the North Road Allotment website:


To improve communications between the Council and plot holders the Council is encouraging "self-help" groups to set up on all allotment sites. Please contact us if you are interested in forming or joining an allotment group.

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