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Events: Radicals, Rebels & Dissenters Hertford Town Centre, 01/05/2017

This walk explores Hertford's rich history of religious dissent, radical politics and rowdy elections. We will meet Quakers and radicals who risked gaol for their beliefs. And we will hear about a mutiny by roundhead soldiers in the Civil War. We also find out about the connection between Magna Carta and the siege of Hertford Castle.

Tickets - £5

This walk will start promptly in Salisbury Square at 2 pm.
Advance booking is essential.

Tickets and information available from:
Hertford Town & Tourist Information Centre
10-12 The Wash, Hertford, SG14 1PX
T: 01992 584322, E: tic@hertford.gov.uk

Event Overview

Date:01/05/2017 Start Time:14:00 End Time:00:00 Location:Hertford Town Centre