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Hertford's Town Twinning Associations, the Friends of Evron and the Friends of Wildeshausen, were founded to provide a cultural exchange between England, Germany and France.

They promote understanding about different cultures and lifestyles, and encourage the exchange of views and ideas. It gives the opportunity for groups and organisations, individuals and families of all ages, levels and interests to meet their counterparts.

Twinning developed after the Second World War and has helped promote peace, goodwill and friendship - with hospitality being provided by the host country during visits and visitors often staying in family homes.

Hertford has two twin towns, Wildeshausen in Germany and Evron in France. Members of the Town Twinning associations stay in the homes of people in Evron and Wildeshausen, or sometimes in other accommodation in the towns, and take part in a full programme of events. You might not speak a word of German or French but you won't have to be tongue-tied. This hospitality is returned when visitors come to Hertford. Costs are kept to a minimum to ensure everyone can get involved.

Wildeshausen, Germany

Wildeshausen is an attractive, small town 30km south of Bremen in Lower Saxony. Situated on the River Hunte, it has many delightful buildings both old and new, including two town halls - one with glockenspiel featuring moving figures, a characteristic market square, historic churches and a pleasant riverside park.

Nearby are the Pestruper Grave Mounds - a prehistoric burial ground, unique in the north European area and used continuously from about 900 to 200 BC.

Visits and friendships between Hertford and Wildeshausen began in the early 1990s and the towns became officially twinned in 1995. Both Hertford and Wildeshausen have been twinned with Evron in France since 1980.

Alongside civic links there are exchange visits arranged by clubs, choirs, bands, sports teams and churches, to name but a few. Cultural and social events are arranged between visits, including an annual Boules competition against the Friends of Evron.

Annual membership is £6 for individuals, £10 for a family or organisation. Regular newsletters inform members of events and activities.

Application to join Friends of Wildeshausen

Website for the Friends of Wildeshausen

Evron, France

Evron is a town of 7,000 people on the département (county) of Mayenne, due South of Cherbourg and 150 miles Southwest of Paris. The nearest towns are Le Mans and Laval. Evron is a thriving town, based on a blend of industry and farming - it is noted for its meat and cheese.

At the heart of the old town is the beautiful Basilica of Notre-Dame, parts of which date from the 11th Century. The shopping centre is similar in size to Hertford's, having a generous number of café-bars. Surrounded by pleasant countryside, it is close to the chateaux of the Loire and has many recreational facilities, including sailing on a nearby lake.

A highlight of the Evronnais year is the annual meat festival, which is held at the town's showground on the first weekend of September. This agricultural show attracts people from a wide area to witness the judging of the animals and to join in the festivities amidst much pomp and ceremony.

A permanent reminder of the twinning is the British red telephone box in the market place, presented to the town of Evron in 1991. More recently, a weathervane in the shape of the hart of Hertford has been installed on the roof of one of the major buildings in the town.

Annual membership is £5 per person and £10 per family which includes children under the age of 16. For more information, please contact Ray on 01992 307957 or David on 01992 558634 or John on 01992 584779 or view the Friends of Evron Website

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