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The Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan (SNAP) covers the Sele ward in Hertford. It was drawn up by a Steering Group which included local residents. It is now finalised, ready for adoption by the planning authority (East Herts District Council), if approved at the referendum which will be held on May 6th, 2021. All residents of Sele ward who are on the electoral register are entitled to vote. 

The Steering Group consulted widely with the community, local groups and other consultees, following statutory guidelines and supported by Hertford Town Council.

The Vision for Sele in the Neighbourhood Plan

The community of Sele ward will have easy access to attractive and historic countryside that is protected for future generations; be a vibrant and healthy community with a variety of accessible, appropriate and affordable facilities and public services; provide new housing developments that respect the principles of sustainability for climate change, accessibility, suitability and affordability; and ensure that that the transport infrastructure provides improved links to Hertford and surrounding towns by bus, foot and bicycle.

A ’Yes’ vote on May 6th will mean policies are adopted to:

  • Protect local green spaces and important views
  • Enhance community and cultural facilities
  • Preserve listed buildings and structures of historical and  architectural importance
  • Improve local roads, paths and parking
  • Promote affordable housing and sympathetic development

The project commenced in May 2016 and the draft Neighbourhood Plan document was produced with the ongoing involvement of the local community.

The statutory Regulation 14 Pre-submission consultation for Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan was organised between 4 February and 22 March 2019. Residents and businesses of Sele ward were invited to comment on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan's policies.

Following the statutory pre-submission consultation The Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan was amended and submitted to East Herts District Council, who ran their Regulation 16 consultation.

The Sele Neighbourhood Plan has been subjected to an independent Examination to ensure compliance. The Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan Examination has concluded, and the final Examination Report has been published. Amendments have been made in accordance with the Examiners recommendations and the final version produced.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the referendum was postponed until May 2021.

Click here to view the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan.