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What is HYTC

What is Hertford Youth Town Council
Hertford's Youth Council was one of the first of its kind in the country, the first meeting being held on 1st February 1990. There are eight Youth Councillors, two from each of four local schools (Sele, Simon Balle, Richard Hale and Presdales) forming an advisory sub-committee to the Town Council.

Who Are The Youth Town Councillors? 
Youth Councillors are selected by teaching staff, elected from their School Council, or encouraged by fellow students who are already involved. The term of office is for one year from 1st April; councillors may remain in office for a further year or more (and most do) hence the age-group ranges from 12 to 18 years.

What Does The Youth Council Do?  
It gives young people an insight into how local government works. They find out about local issues and problems, and how these are dealt with by the Town, District and County Councils. In return they are able to express their opinions and add their ideas to those of the Town Council - giving them a voice that is heard.

How Often Do we Meet 
Meetings are held every eight weeks in Hertford Castle, chaired by the Mayor of Hertford. They are fairly formal and try to reflect the atmosphere and procedures of a Town Council meeting. The youth councillors can also arrange their own informal meetings to discuss issues in more detail, or to work on particular projects.

Youth Town Council Projects
What Has it Achieved?  

An annual budget (origninally £300) of £400 has been used to: 


  • Recycling guide (in conjunction with friends of the earth)
  • Installation of litter bins in the town
  • Public seat (with plaque) in Mandeville Road
  • Sensory Garden in Castle Grounds
  • Board for above, replacement litterbin and modified seats.
  • Customer Care Award for shops and businesses, 1996, 1998 and 2001
  • Tree in Parliament square
  • Wildlife Information Board for childrens Play Area 
  • Leisure Survey of young people
  • Recylcing Poster Competition for primary schools.
  • Organisation of Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremonies
  • Helped plant a peace ole at the Quakers meeting house in Railway Street. 
  • Helped in the installation of the No Right Turn at Tower St. and crossroads in Bengeo.

Hopefully the Youth Council is also achieving it's objective - that of helping young people to understand how local government works, and how decisions are made which affect their home area. 

What Else Does it do? 
The Youth Council is an enabling group rather than a volunteer work-force. However, Youth Councillors help with public events in the same way as senior councillors. This may include helping with Castle Open Days, and attending occasions such as Civic Services and Mayor-Making.

Are Others Involved
Meetings are chaired by the Mayor or one of the councillors if he/she is unable to attend. Occasionally visitors are invited to meetings to give more information about a particular topic, or to find out about Hertford's Youth Council with a view to setting up a group in their own area. 

For further Information on the Youth Town Council, please contact Tricia Carpenter - tricia@hertford.gov.uk. 

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