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Town Council to increase precepts by only 2% in 2020/2021

Hertford Town Council has set its precept for the financial year 20/21 and in line with other councils will increase it by 2%, which is only 17p a month for a Band D household. This follows several years in which the Town Council has not increased its precept at all.

Councillor Bob Deering, Chairman of the Finance Policy and Administration Committee said:

‘The prudent management of our finances is a priority issue for Hertford Town Council. Our budget is carefully considered and sustainable. We are proud that unlike many other councils we have not increased our precept at all for each of the years 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2017/18 whilst at the same time investing in existing services, new projects and initiatives to meet the needs of our town and its residents. We have also fully maintained the Town’s programme of Community Grants which benefits a wide range of local good causes. The precept has only increased by 17 pence a month for the average Band D household which I hope residents will agree represents good housekeeping.’

The council provide a number of services that benefit from this funding and the increase will help maintain and improve these.

This includes the Wi-Fi scheme, which provides free Wi-Fi throughout the town centre, the match funding of the Taxi Marshal Scheme and continued funding of CCTV coverage in the town centre.

It also supports the varied programme of community events put on by the council, most being free of charge, including the new Christmas event in November, which will be a three day Christmas market in the grounds of Hertford Castle.

The continued development of Neighbourhood Plans for Kingsmead Ward will also benefit from this increase off the back of the successful Sele Neighbourhood plan.

The six allotment sites that the council maintain in Hertford, Hertingfordbury and Bengeo will also benefit.

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