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Neighbourhood Plans

Hertford Town Council is currently working in collaboration with members of the local community for the production of two Neighbourhood Plans: the Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan (BNAP) and Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan (SNAP). Neighbourhood planning provides the opportunity for local people to develop a shared vision for the future development and growth of the area they live in. Local communities can choose to set planning policies through a Neighbourhood Plan that is used in determining planning applications. These planning policies will be aligned to the strategic policies in East Herts District Plan but they will highlight the needs and priorities of the local area.


The Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan covers the Bengeo ward in Hertford. The project has commenced in June 2017 and the draft Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by the members of the community in Bengeo. The current draft document can be read here. Next step is pre-submission consultation, which is expected to run between 15 July and 15 September 2019. At this stage residents and businesses of Bengeo ward will be invited to comment on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan's policies. Further details will be featured here soon. 


The Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan covers the Sele ward in Hertford. The project commenced in May 2016 and the draft Neighbourhood Plan document has been produced since then, following thorough consultation with and involvement of the local community. The statutory pre-submission consultation for Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan was organised between 4 February and 22 March 2019. To read the full draft of the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan document please click here


The agendas and minutes of the BNAP Working Party and of the SNAP Working Party meetings can be found here.

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