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Community Grants and New Homes Bonus Grants awarded to Hertford-based organisations

At the Finance, Policy and Administration Committee, held on March 9th, grants totalling £33,360 were awarded to four Hertford-based organisations and good causes. Hertford Town Council has two types of grants available to help and support local organisations and good causes and more information can be found below.

The four organisations that benefitted from the grants are, All Saints Church, Pākiki Theatre, Hertford Music Festival and CDA Herts.

All Saints Church, Hertford, were awarded £960 towards the cost of providing a cardiac defibrillator and accessories.

Pākiki Theatre were awarded £1,200 towards the cost of putting on the Big Herts Hero Hunt project.Pākiki Theatre are a Community Interest Company who uses performance and creative arts to explore community identity and a sense of belonging. The Big Herts Hero Hunt project will ‘aim to bring culture and heritage to life for Hertfordshire children and their families and foster a sense of pride and connection to their area’.

Hertford Music Festival were awarded £1,200 towards the cost of promoting the Hertford Music Festival 2020. The Musical Mystery Tour brings a variety of musicians and acts to perform in venues throughout the town from 11am to midnight. The hugely popular event is a highlight of the Hertford music calendar and features a range of genres from rock to reggae, folk to classical and jazz in venues as diverse as pubs, clubs and municipal buildings.

CDA Herts, benefitted from the New Homes Bonus Grant of £30,000 towards the cost of a project to bring people together with the aim of connecting the community and reducing loneliness.

Kate Belinis, Chief Executive of the CDA commented: “CDA Herts is delighted to be working in partnership with Hertford Town Council with a two year programme to build communities' connecting with each other to form friendships and have common ambitions to make Hertford a thriving place to live and work"

The Chairman of the Finance, Policy and Administration Committee, Cllr Bob Deering, said: "As always, we are very pleased to have awarded a number of grants to a range of organisations. We hope the amounts will make a difference and assist them in the worthwhile work that is carried out to benefit both residents and visitors to the County Town."

The grants available from Hertford Town Council are:

Community Grants
Grants of up to £1,200 are awarded under this scheme for a range of purposes; including public events, projects being undertaken by local voluntary organisations and endeavours by individuals which show a clear benefit to Hertford residents.

New Homes Bonus Grants
Grants of up to £30,000 are available from the New Homes Bonus fund for ambitious projects to enhance and improve communities in Hertford. Available funding will be used to support and encourage a diverse range of improvement schemes and projects across all age ranges, a wide range of interests and wherever possible innovative initiatives to meet the needs of Hertford residents and businesses.

Applications are considered quarterly at the meetings of the Finance, Policy and Administration Committee. Deadlines for receipt of applications are as follows:
1st June 2020
21st September 2020
30th November 2020

If you would wish to apply on behalf of a Hertford based project or business, please complete the application form, available to download at www.hertford.gov.uk

To view case studies on organisations and charities that have already benefited from funding visit www.hertford.gov.uk/page-working-with-the-community-77/

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