Hertford Town Council is based at Hertford Castle;a civil wedding venue and rooms to hire. Family events throughout the year. The council is responsible for allotments Hertford Cemetery and the Tourist Information Centre.

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Town Twinning Associations

Hertford's Town Twinning Associations were founded in order to provide a cultural exchange between England, Germany and France to form contacts, friendships and a special relationship between three communities of different countries. We try to promote understanding about different cultures and lifestyles and encourage the exchange of views and ideas. It gives the opportunity for groups and organisations, individuals and families of all ages, levels and interests to meet their counterparts.

Twinning developed after the Second World War and has helped promote peace, goodwill and friendship - with hospitality being provided by the host country during visits with visitors usually staying in family homes.

The Crests of Evron & Wildeshausen

Hertford has two twin towns, Wildeshausen in Germany and Evron in France. They have very different characters but one thing very much in common; strong bonds. Visit either and you'll return happily exhausted with memories to treasure for a long time. For most of us a twinning weekend away is the high spot of the year.

Town twinning is a bond of friendship. The people we visit become our friends, even if we have never met before. When we visit we stay in their homes, sometimes in other accomodation, and they organise a full programme of events. You might not speak a word of German or French but you won't have to be tongue-tied. We return the hospitality when they come to us.

You don't need a big house to reciprocate. If you have a spare room that's fine, if not, there's always the living room floor. They're our friends. No one stands on ceremony. You might be surprised how relaxed everything becomes after the first half hour and perhaps - some sign language.

Twinning doesn't have to cost much considering what you get from it. When we go away you can travel any way you like, but most of us will travel together by coach, and that's the only expense apart from a meal on the ferry and a small gift for your hosts. In return, your new friends will certainly want to visit you and it will be your pleasure to return their hospitality. We always organise a full list of activities, keeping costs to a minimum.

All kinds of people take part, couples, individuals, both young and old and families with children too. So come and join in the fun. And, if your profession, occupation or business can offer the opportunity for your couterpart to come to England and see how we do things, there are often requests for opportunities for reciprocal arrangements in this arena as well.

One trip away and you'll feel you've known everyone for years. During the rest of the year we try to organise get-togethers to raise money for the trips. All ideas are welcome.
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