Hertford Town Council is based at Hertford Castle;a civil wedding venue and rooms to hire. Family events throughout the year. The council is responsible for allotments Hertford Cemetery and the Tourist Information Centre.

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Hertford Cemetery

Hertford Cemetery
North Road
SG14 2HZ

Main entrance in Bramfield Road

Hertford Town Cemetery
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Hertford Cemetery is a peaceful space of great historical interest, which offers a natural environment for all types of wildlife and as a result an important nature conservation resource. Hertford Town Council is working to achieve a Green Flag award for the Cemetery which is a national award designed to recognise well managed parks and open spaces for all to enjoy.

All land at the Cemetery is consecrated. Consecrated land has been blessed by a Bishop in the Church of England, however there is no restriction on who may be buried in consecrated land. There is also a dedicated Roman Catholic block in the Cemetery, which is now full.

Layout of the Cemetery

Opening times
The Cemetery shall be open to the public from 08.00am until sunset daily or later as notified by the Town Council. There is a Cemetery Friends Group which locks and unlocks the vehicle gates at weekends, when these times may vary.

Admission of Vehicles
Vehicles are permitted in the Cemetery, at the discretion of the Town Council, to
allow occupants to visit a grave or graves. Any time restrictions for vehicle access will be displayed on the Cemetery notice board. A 5mph speed limit is in operation

Enquiries and Cemetery Services
All enquiries should be addressed to:-
Cemetery Office, Hertford Town Council, The Castle, Hertford, Herts SG14 1HR.
Mrs Pat Chappell Telephone: 01992 552885

Hertford Town Council offers a full range of services at the Cemetery, including Cemetery management, liaison with funeral directors and administration of deeds and records. Cemetery records are available for public inspection during office hours.

The cemetery service includes:
  • Advice

  • The option of a bricked grave

  • The option to pre-purchase plots in certain areas

  • Graves for cremated remains

  • Triple depth graves

  • A water supply and watering cans for visitors to the cemetery

  • Liaison with funeral directors

  • Administration of Deeds and Burials
  • Interment Form
    It is recommended that a period of at least 12 months has elapsed from the date of the burial before any memorial is placed upon the grave. This allows for the natural settlement of the grave and will aid in the stability and safety of the memorial. Before any memorial is fixed, a permit must be applied for (usually by the memorial mason on behalf of the grave owner) and the appropriate permit fee paid. It is recommended that insurance is taken out to cover any accidental damage or vandalism to the memorial. Hertford Town Council encourages the use of innovative and personal memorials

    All memorials erected in Hertford Cemetery must be and remain safe, sound and in a stable condition. Memorials remain the property of the grave owner, but the Council, as land owner is responsible for ensuring that the grounds are safe for both visitors and staff. In the event of any memorial falling and injuring anyone, both the grave owner and the Council would be liable to prosecution.
    Application to Erect a Memorial

    Further information for Hertford Cemetery

    Exclusive Rights of Burial
    When a grave is ‘purchased' this refers to the purchasing of the exclusive right of burial in a grave space and not the purchase of the land itself. This means that you do not own the land but have the exclusive right, during the period stated in the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial, to say who can be buried in the grave. Also, provided that you do not, during your lifetime, transfer the right to another person and provided that the period stated in the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial has not expired, you can choose to be buried in the grave yourself. However, Hertford Town Council will determine the number of burials (this includes cremated remains) permitted in the grave.

    A grant of exclusive right of burial will be issued to the grave owner. This should be kept in a safe place, as it will be required should there be a further burial in the grave at some point in the future. No burials or changes to memorials can be authorised without the permission of the holder of the exclusive right of burial.

    Transferring an Exclusive Right of Burial
    If you wish to you can transfer those rights to another person, the documents that we will require from you are detailed in this leaflet.

    If you wish to transfer the ownership during your lifetime you must complete a Form of Assignment and submit it to the Central Cemeteries Office, together with the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial.

    Exclusive Right of Burial Transfer Forms

    Further information for Exclusive Rights of Burial

    Charter for the Bereaved
    Hertford Town Council is a member of the Charter for the Bereaved.

    The Charter was established by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), a professional organisation committed to developing and improving bereavement services and providing training for those who work within it.

    In order to become a member of the Charter for the Bereaved an authority has to demonstrate that it can satisfy 33 basic rights associated with funerals. The Charter also contains objectives, and helps authorities to set priorities for future development and improvement. An annual assessment ensures that the service keeps improving and raising it's standards, and allows it to be ranked against other services throughout the country.

    Charter for the Bereaved - The Guiding Principles

    Hertford Town Council - Cemetery rules and regulations
    Hertford Town Council - Cemetery fees
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